Our smart actuators for voltages from 12 V to 48 V – the latest generations – all contain brushed DC motors with integrated control circuitry. Whether interfaces using PWM or LIN, or CAN interfaces with UDS and a flash bootloader are required, the highest standard of smooth operation will be provided.

Extreme environmental conditions such as excessive vibrations and high temperatures up to 150 °C – this is what our powerpacks are designed to deal with. And this makes them the preferred choice for gear units and pumps, which are simply incomparable as compact, mechatronic platform system modules.

Our drives for engine cooling also meet the latest requirements in terms of on-board power supply strategies, efficiency and reliability. These drives have been developed using automotive-compatible processes, comply with A-SPICE Level 2 and ISO 26262 with ASIL-B capability and operate with integrated ECU and control electronics via a LIN or PWM interface. The drivetrain portfolio includes motors with a power range from 12 V/300 W to 48 V/1500 W.

At the same time, these products feature outstandingly compact dimensions and extremely low weights for use in vehicles powered with electric motors or internal combustion engines. A further new development is our patented algorithm for optimising windmill mode, which supports first-class peak performance and efficiency for EC applications.

Product groups:

  • Dual clutch transmissions
  • Shifters
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Axles