We have made research and development the foundation for sustainably strong results.

From the very beginning, outstanding milestones in electric drives for all vehicle categories and industrial applications have demonstrated our technological lead.

To ensure that innovative strength remains an integral attribute for us in the future, every tenth employee at NMA works in research and development. Day after day, highly qualified engineers and technicians from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and software development are tirelessly at work.

Ongoing further training in all sections of the company guarantees a consistently high level of professional capability. Proof of our innovative strength are the numerous patents that we generate constantly – and thus safeguard our pioneering developments.

The state-of-the-art equipment in our R&D departments, including our testing facilities, laboratories and simulation software, are further supporting columns that help us to expand our technological leadership in a dependable and safe manner.

With this commitment, we aim to expand our core competencies, especially in the field of automotive electrification. Our objective is not only to make a contribution to futureorientated mechatronic products, but to continue contributing to verifiable reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Shaping the future with smart technology.

The NIDEC Corporation is the world's largest electric motor manufacturer.

The example of our smart actuator is proof that the tough goals we set ourselves in our research and development work. In this series, a universally applicable brushless AC motor is combined with the latest generation of electronics technology and application-specific software.

This innovation demonstrates that we have, once again, attained the highest level of state-of-the-art technology.

Our smart actuator not only achieves the best results in terms of dynamics and noise characteristics, its incomparably high efficiency also exceeds all expectations.

And if that were not enough: by carefully adjusting motor parameters, electronic equipment configurations and controllers, the future-orientated drive can be ideally combined – for example with gearboxes or with oil and water pumps provided by our sister company NIDEC GPM.