Innovation from the very beginning. That is our tradition. For over 95 years!


For over 95 years, NMA has been more than just a name in the automotive industry. We develop, produce and research with a consistent view to the future – and have done so since the company was founded in 1923. It was for this reason that we, from the very beginnings of electric vehicle technology, have been in a position to shape developments in the field of brush motors, and in 2007 we became part of the Japanese NIDEC Corporation.

Business development

We have consistently pursued a strategy of organic growth. Today, around 117.206 employees are involved in this mission worldwide. Together, they are all contributing to the Nidec group's steadily rising growth curve. As the Motors & Actuators Business Unit, our five locations on four continents complement the global network of NIDEC Corporation.


For our customers today, we are more than just a supplier of high-quality mechatronic components. We are also a high-performance development partner for innovative system components and special drive solutions.


We have made research and development the foundation for sustainably strong results. From the very beginning, outstanding milestones in electric drives for all vehicle categories and industrial applications have demonstrated our technological lead.

Prototype shop and test rigs

NMA likes to take things into its own hands. This is the only way we can guarantee the high quality our customers expect with all tested certainty. In our in-house prototyping, on the test bench and in the acoustics and EMC laboratory, the rule is: no compromises and optimisation to the extreme. To achieve this, everyone from development to the test centre pulls together.


State-of-the-art software guarantees first-class forecasting of what is possible and sophisticated development based precisely on this. Using unique design software, we can simulate complex systems and make adjustments quickly and easily. All the way to the first-class result.


Like gear wheels designed precisely to fit each other, we have fine-tuned our manufacturing processes over the years to work smoothly, so that today, state-ofthe-art machinery, experienced experts and groundbreaking quality management systems work together to shape our production processes. The carefully monitored extent of automation also guarantees the absolute optimum of all work steps, which, in turn, enables us to produce impressive results.

The NIDEC Group

The NIDEC Corporation is a group with the motto "all for dreams". Since 2007, NMA has also been operating under the Corporation's umbrella and is proud to realise common goals alongside around 300 subsidiaries in over 40 countries. Within this outstanding competence network, the conditions are better than ever.

Global Footprint

"Think globally. Act locally." This is the motto of the AMEC business unit, which also includes NMA as a specialist in the field of DC motors. This merger enables us to look beyond our local horizons and, within a strong unit, to be active in the automotive market around the globe.


We leave our quality anything but to chance. After all, it is not by chance that we have become an A-supplier to our global customers. We set standards - and deliver higher quality than expected. This is the only way to inspire as sustainably as NMA. Innovations, cost awareness and continuous improvements are the key.


What we move today significantly changes the future. Especially with regard to the environment, this is an existential issue. We prioritise the responsible use of resources as well as waste. In addition, we have been investing for years in product development for increased performance with lower consumption. For a perspective in favour of our planet.

Partnership for success.

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