Quality throughout the supply chain.

Our suppliers are the basis for our success.

Partnership, trust, eye-to-eye - this is how the cooperation with our suppliers can be described. It forms the basis that

  • our ideas can become real innovations
  • we are able to take advantage of market opportunities anywhere and at any time
  • our growth is guaranteed in the long term.

Our suppliers make a significant contribution to the company's success, and the continuous development of our partners therefore enjoys a correspondingly high priority:

  • We involve our suppliers in the product development process right from the start and thus benefit directly from their diverse experience in the respective industries and market environment.
  • We are always looking for the best balance between highest quality and optimal cost structure. We therefore particularly appreciate partners who are globally oriented and can act flexibly accordingly.
  • Wherever it makes sense and is possible, we buy across projects.
  • Do you find yourself in this description and would like to work with us?

You can find more detailed information on our industry-specific purchasing programmes for production materials in the corresponding PDF file, which you can download on this page. You can find our terms and conditions of purchase here.

Of course, we are also happy to answer your questions personally. For a first contact, simply get in touch with our purchasing department by EMAIL (purchasing@nidec-ma.com, Subject: Inquiry purchasing).

We look forward to seeing you!



High standards.

We set high standards for partners and our own actions.

The overall picture of our suppliers is made up of the components quality, price, logistics, R&D and management. That is why we expect our suppliers to:

  • Compliance with applicable environmental regulations and commitment to environmental protection, preferably the implementation of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015
  • High competitiveness at world market level
  • Willingness to reduce costs and transparency and increase productivity
  • Contribution of own development work (e.g. production of prototypes)
  • Innovative capacity
  • Zero-error principle
  • Acceptance of the NMA Conditions of Purchase
  • Acceptance of the quality assurance agreement

In our download area you will find all the contractual and formal documents you need.

Purchasing programme


Means of production at a glance.

Are you a manufacturer of high-quality and innovative products and would like to apply as a supplier to the NMA?

The following page represents an exemplary overview of our purchasing programme for production materials. More detailed information on the current requirements programme can be found under the individual materials. For an initial contact with us, please refer to our supplier audit / supplier profile and our purchasing department.

NMA Purchasing is NMA's global purchasing organisation with corporate responsibility for strategic, operational and project purchasing of Direct Materials & Indirect Materials on behalf of all regions and the local business.

NMA Procurement has a commitment to contribute to competitiveness and contribute to NMA's growth and profitability objectives. The stated ambition, expressed value proposition and manifested strategy are:

Declared ambition:
Enhancing the driving experience through world-class purchasing and being the first choice for suppliers.

Outstanding value proposition:
Turning costs into value for customers and NMA, everywhere, every day. Strategy manifests itself.

Strategy manifested:
In purchasing, we achieve this through a global ethical network with One Collaborative, which continually customer value and ensuring best total cost of ownership through:

  • Qualified and motivated employees
  • Efficient processes & systems
  • Effective merchandise management
  • Leveraging the strengths in the supplier base