Global Footprint

Development as a joint effort, systemic solutions as the result. We keep an eye on the market and customer benefits: AMEC business unit.

As an expert for motors and drives of all kinds, NMA is assigned to the "Automotive Motor & Electronic Control" (AMEC) business unit.

With a business ecosystem covering our activities worldwide, we are able to create innovative system-wide solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. Even in the case of shorter development cycles, we can guarantee the highest quality requirements through verifiable standards and capacities. This, in turn, gives our customers strategic advantages in their fields. Thanks to our accumulated expertise and an enormous database for development purposes, we are in a position to expand this lead continually.

AMEC's main products include electric motors, control units, pumps, software systems and sensors. They all contribute to ensuring and enhancing the three basic performance characteristics of cars: safety, environmental protection and convenience.

In addition, the principle of green technology is a powerful keyword in product development. Reducing energy consumption in a sustainable way and, at the same time, increasing the technical added value is at the top of our priority list, particularly in view of the way today's world is developing. To this end, we in the AMEC Group are developing traction motors for hybrid and electric vehicles, in addition to the conventional product range. The latest developments include electric brushless steering and brake motors, which make a noticeable contribution to safety and convenience in mobility.