Innovation from the very beginning.

This has been our tradition for over 95 years.

For over 95 years, NMA has been more than just a name in the automotive industry. We develop, produce and research with a consistent view to the future – and have done so since the company was founded in 1923. It was for this reason that we, from the very beginnings of electric vehicle technology, have been in a position to shape developments in the field of brush motors, and in 2007 we became part of the Japanese NIDEC Corporation.

Now, at our main location in Bietigheim, you find the European headquarters of NMA. Here, as well as at the two production sites in Spain and Poland, we manufacture components to the highest standards for the automotive market. Our permanent objective is to make drives ever more efficient, resilient and compact – and, in this way, to expand our footprint. This is also one of the reasons why we have never lost sight of the need to strive for the highest degree of precision and quality throughout our company history.

Today, we are focussing more than ever on electromobility and reductions in CO 2 levels. Bringing electric mobility and autonomous driving to life that's what our best researchers and developers are working on with their passionate expertise. Only in this way can we remain true to ourselves and our history of being the preferred supplier in the global automotive industry. Today and tomorrow.