Thanks to this technology, vehicle interiors can be equipped with first-class technology – for example, to adjust the position of seats and steering columns smoothly and to open sunroofs and roller blinds.

These products are based on compact motors of the latest generation optionally equipped with linear drives or with modified gear designs. These include spur and worm gears and special solutions with Bowden cables.

The noticeable difference is that these drive systems provide both high torques and rapid adjustment – while ensuring extremely low noise emissions. It goes without saying that all our motors for highly sensitive, passengerorientated applications are tested for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with CISPR Level 5. These motors are controlled either directly through the vehicle's on-board electronics or by an integrated ECU with anti-pinch protection. Motor versions with Hall sensors are also available for particularly precise adjustment, which provides ultra-precise detection of the direction of rotation and rotational speed.

Other options for this platform include sensorless motors, all of which feature compact sizes and lightweight construction.

Product groups:

  • Sunroof
  • Seat adjustment Height/fore and aft/backrest tilt
  • Steering column adjustment
  • Air-conditioning
  • Sliding doors/tailgates
  • Tow bars