The unbroken demand for our products shows that coordinated system solutions win the day in the long term. NMA motors for electric power steering are now on the market in their 4th generation and can optionally be offered with integrated control electronics.

The technology is based on powerful, brushless motors reflecting the latest standards. In doing so, we build on proven NIDEC technology platforms. The advantage in this is that the product families are developed specifically for powering electrohydraulic brake boosters. In this way, systems can be designed for typical ambient temperatures of over 120 °C which are, at the same time, resistant to corrosion (NCCT 200).

The ideal point for our customers is that, by using platform technologies, different performance classes and output drives (solid shaft / hollow shaft) with their specific interfaces can be configured specifically in each case. This meets the respective requirements in terms of torque, torque ripple, vibration tolerance and noise development.

Also available is optional equipment with sensors and an ECU as a mechatronic power pack for controlling the respective unit. Due to the reduced installation space coupled with a high fill factor, tremendous advantages in terms of power density and torque output are achieved – while taking into account low cogging and restoring torques.

Product groups:

  • Brake motors
  • Brake powerpacks (braking motor with its control unit)
  • Electronic stability program (ESP)
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • EPS motor (motor for electric power steering)
  • EPS powerpack (motor for electric power steering with its ECU)
  • Electronic control units (ECUs) for brakes and EPS